About Us

Permanent Placement
Have you ever wished you could try out a dental assistant or hygienist before going through all of the paperwork to hire them? Now you can! With Dentaltemps of the Rockies, we allow you the opportunity to work with multiple dental assistants or hygienists for as long as you like. This allows you the time to see how they will interact with your patients and staff, BEFORE you make an offer.  For an affordable placement fee, you can choose to hire one of our dental temps for a permanent position in your office. We offer a 90 day guarantee, making permanent placement through Dentaltemps of the Rockies a secure choice when recruiting for your open position.

Temporary Staffing- Short term/long term
Don't worry about your schedule suffering due to maternity leaves, medical leaves, vacation days or sick days. All can easily be remedied with a quality dental temp through Dentaltemps of the Rockies! No matter how long you need a temp in your office, we can get you covered!
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Hygienist or dental assistant called in sick today? We've got you covered!

We understand the last minute scramble to cover a hygienist or dental assistant in the morning. Things happen, and call ins cannot always be avoided, but we are here to make sure that your schedule doesn't have to suffer when you are down an employee in your office.

Emergency Dental Staffing
We understand how important it is to have a go-to agency during your time of emergency-staffing needs. We have hygienists and dental assistants available for last minute/same day placement to help cover call-in's or busy schedules.

Dentaltemps of the Rockies LLC

Learn a little bit about the owner!

Tiffany opened Dentaltemps of the Rockies in 2010. She is the sole owner and operator and is the one that you will be working closely with to staff your dental office. She is always available by phone or text, 24 hours a day!
Tiffany was born in Montana and moved often when she was little. Her family finally made Las Vegas, NV their home for many years. As an adult, she moved to Fort Collins, CO with her husband. Before opening Dentaltemps of the Rockies, she managed a large, multi doctor dental office and fell in love with the dental field.

Tiffany currently resides in beautiful Las Vegas, NV with her husband and 3 little girls. She enjoys hiking, running, camping, swimming and all of the great shows and events that Las Vegas has to offer.